Blend Retreat Recap – Part II

Day 2 of the Blend Retreat began nice and early Saturday morning with a bootcamp led by Lindsay and Tina. We were so fortunate to have gorgeous weather for the entire weekend. With a backdrop like that, it made waking up at 6am worth it 🙂 


The bootcamp lasted about an hour. About halfway through we divided up into teams to play a ‘game’. A dozen tennis balls were put into the center of the circle. Each team had a runner, who sprinted to grab a ball, which gave us an exercise to complete. We had one minute for the runner to grab a ball, bring it back to the group and complete as many reps of the exercise as possible. Then we each recorded our number. This activity was a lot of fun, but by the end I really couldn’t feel my legs any longer 🙂 


My team rocked it!

Once bootcamp was done, we were starving. And lucky for us Xagave hosted a lovely, filling breakfast. 



So much to choose from. I decided to have what I’d call a yogurt ‘mess’. With Chobani greek yougart, berries, granola, and walnuts, sweetened with Xagave of course 😉 Image

And I couldn’t pass up one of these delicious blueberry cranberry granola bar muffins.


Once we gained our energy back (thank goodness for all the food), we headed out for a hike up Royal Arch Trail at Chautauqua Park. Image


The views were amazing. . . The entire hike was 4 miles round trip. I made it about 3/4 of the way to the top and decided to turn around when the trail got a little more complex. At this point, my balance isn’t exactly what it used to be, and I figured I’d rather be safe than sorry. 


Thanks to The Simply Bar for providing a much needed snack during our hike. 


View from my turn around point. . . gorgeous!


The lovely ladies I spent most of the hike with. Thanks for the photo Brittany!

After the hike, we were starving once again. So Bobbi, Brittany and I went into downtown Boulder to the farmers market to eat lunch. Early that afternoon, many ladies chose to participate in yoga. I was told it was a hot yoga which is a NO during pregnancy. So my wonderful husband picked me up and I went home to take a much needed nap. 

Once Bobbi and Brittany got back to the house, we all cleaned up and headed out for a night on Pearl Street in Boulder. We ate at the Trattoria on Pearl, a cute Italian place with delicious food. Yes, I’m pregnant, yes I opted for the margarita pizza! 

Once we were done, we decided to meet a bunch of the other ladies at the Rio Grande for some drinks (water for me 🙂 ) 

Such a great, long day. It was so nice to experience things I love while spending time with an old friend and making many more new friends!

The third and final day of the Blend Retreat is going to require one final post. So stay tuned . . . 

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Monday!! 

❤ Lindsay


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