Blend Retreat Recap – Part I

A few months ago, my long time friend, Bobbi asked me how close I lived to Boulder, CO. I told her that I lived about 15 minutes away. An inspiration to me, Bobbi has been a blogger for a few years. She explained to me that there was going to be a Blend Retreat in May, blogger + friend = Blend. I invited her to stay with me for the weekend (super excited to see her and catch up, it had been since Christmas ūüôā ) and she suggested that I join her for the retreat. Well, I had been thinking about starting my blog for the past year (my perfectionism hindering my progress). What a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend with many ladies who have the same interests and passions as myself. So, I decided to join her.

This past weekend Bobbi and her blogger friend Brittany stayed with me for the weekend and we spent the weekend at Chautauqua Park in Boulder at the Blend Retreat. It began Friday evening with check-in at 5, followed by cocktail hour.  At check-in we were greeted by the beautiful ladies who put on the event and a HUGE swag bag! What a treat!


Katie, Lindsay, and Janetha our hosts. source


We spent some time mingling with other bloggers and friends while munching on snacks and enjoying a few drinks (water for me, no alcohol at 16 weeks pregnant).


The dinner started with a quick speech from the three lovely ladies who planned this wonderful retreat, Lindsay, Katie and Janetha. They introduced themselves and explained what to expect for the weekend. This retreat was very different from other blogger retreats. We did not sit in a conference room listening to speakers all weekend. The purpose of this weekend was to bring bloggers and friends together, to meet each other and spend time socializing, bootcamp-ing, hiking, yoga-ing and eating.


Dinner began with a salad and bread. We had two options for the main course, a chicken dish with veggies or a gluten free pasta with a marinara sauce. I do the chicken and veggies thing quite often, so I decided to go with the pasta dish. Boy was I glad, it was delicious.


After dinner and great conversation, it was time for my favorite part, dessert. We had mini cupcakes! There were five flavors; Peanut Butter Pretzel, The JunkYard (carrot cake), Coffee Cinnamon, S’more, and Raspberry Lavender. ¬†I started with two, the Raspberry¬†Lavender¬†and Coffee Cinnamon. Brittany was sweet enough to share her ‘JunkYard’ cupcake with me, and I enjoyed that one too. Not being a chocolate lover, I passed on the other two. I have to say, the Coffee Cinnamon was my favorite!!


We called it a night after a bit more conversation, since we had to be up at 6am Saturday morning for bootcamp. All I can say after day one of the Blend Retreat. . . I sure am glad I decided to go.

Such an action packed weekend calls for lots of updates and pics. So I’ll be back with a few more posts about The Blend Retreat!

Until next time,

‚̧ Lindsay


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